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Promotion and Distribution of Resources

This campaign targeted farmers, rural community members and rural health professionals while focusing on promoting, distributing and evaluating three health and safety resources which were produced by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (AgHealth). These resources included:

  • Farm Health and Safety Toolkit for Rural General Practices
  • The Great Idea Bank
  • Preventing Falls in Older Farmers

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Farmsafe WA has now finalised and ceased the Promotion and Distribution of Resources campaign after experiencing success in the dissemination of the resources. A positive response to the resources provided to the communities was received, indicating that such resources can be used very effectively by health professionals, as well as agricultural and rural community members.

Farmsafe WA has reported on a number of suggestions that were made while evaluating those resources utilised. Such suggestions included:

  • Creating an online version of the resources
  • Including more mental health information and strategies to maintain good mental health.
  • Include helpline phone numbers for universally recognised organisations relevant to Western Australians
  • Information on utilising additional strategies and modern technology, such as game consoles (eg. Wii) for the prevention of falls in older farmers.

A more detailed report will be made available on this website at a later date.

Appreciation and acknowledgement goes out to all our collaborative partners, reference group members, farmers, community members and Health Professionals who  assisted us to deliver this campaign.


To review the resources that were utilised during this campaign, please click on the following links:

Preventing Falls for Older Farmers

Farm Health and Safety Toolkit for Rural General Practices

Great Idea Bank - Unfortunately the Great Idea Bank resource is not available online, please contact Farmsafe WA to receive a copy of this resource.


The Promotion and Distribution of Resources Project was an initiative of Farmsafe WA Alliance and funded by the Department of Health, Western Australia and supported by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (AgHealth).

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