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Noise Injury Workshops

Noise Injury Prevention and Management

Farmsafe WA Alliance in partnership with the Ear Science Institute Australia and Lions Hearing Clinic have conducted four free workshops in the Wheatbelt on Noise Injury Prevention and Management. These workshops which were part of a pilot project were made possible though funding from the Department of Health. As a pilot project, the evaluation of the workshops is hoped to allow for the further development and expansion of the project state-wide.

Having run smoothly in Northam, Beverley, Quairading and Corrigin, Farmsafe WA Alliance received some positive feedback from those who attended.

Farmsafe WA Alliance would like to thank the attendees, partners and workshop supporters, including:

  • · The Department of Health
  • · Ear Science Institute Australia
  • · Lions Hearing Clinic
  • · Jacqui Pollock from Ear Science Institute Australia
  • · Sharon Safstrom from Ear Science Institute Australia
  • · Chris Smelts from Lions Hearing Foundation
  • · Don and Eric, Lions Hearing Bus Drivers
  • · Emma Birch from Avon and Central Wheatbelt Primary Health Service
  • · Jill McRae from Quairading District Hospital
  • · Alan Noonan from Corrigin Pharmacy
  • · Northam Shire President Steven Pollard
  • · Beverley Deputy Shire President Lew Shaw
  • · Quairading Shire President Darryl Richards
  • · Corrigin Shire President Lynnette Baker
  • · Northam Harness Racing Club
  • · Northam Mitre 10
  • · Northam Feed and Hire
  • · Beverley St John Ambulance
  • · Beverley Farm Direct Stockfeed Supplies
  • · Quairading St John Ambulance
  • · The Farm Shop, Quairading
  • · AgTool Supplies, Quairading
  • · Corrigin St John Ambulance
  • · The Corrigin Windmill Motel
  • · Katems Groceries, Corrigin
  • · Gloucester Park

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