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Conference 2009

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Listed below are presentations from "Time to Act" the 7th National Farm Health & Safety Conference held in Perth on the 13th to 15th October 2009.

The Landmark Day 1 (14th October 2009)

Time to Act.pdf (668.38 kb) Tony Hiscock, Chairman Farmsafe WA Alliance

Farmsafe Partnerships.pdf (1.63 mb) David Jupp, Compliance & Operational Risk Manager - Landmark

Changing the Safety Culture (Note: 15 MB file - this will be posted on request) Julian Krieg, Wheatblet Men's Health

Australian Farmers - A high risk population for rural health.pdf (641.62 kb) Julie Depczynski, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health & Safety

A Partnership for Child Safety.pdf (1.97 mb) Melita Leeds, Kidsafe WA

Effectivness of risk control measures to reduce occupational exposure to pesticides.pdf (2.83 mb)

Government Approved Pesticide Label.jpg (50.74 kb) John Temperley, Farmsafe Australia

Manual tasks within the Qld vegetable packing industry.pdf (3.50 mb) Bernard Ziebarth, Workplace Health and Safety, Qld

Emergency Care in the Bush.pdf (665.77 kb) Jacki Ward, CUCRH and Michelle Taylor, Farmsafe WA Alliance

Changes in the hearing status and noise injury prevention practices of Australian Farmers from 1994-2008.pdf (1.19 mb) Julie Depczynski, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health & Safety

Prevention of Pain & Injury from Manual Tasks.pdf (11.33 mb) Anne Taylor, Wise Work Pty Ltd

Rural Drowning Deaths - Time to Act.pdf (3.43 mb) Richard Franklin, Royal Life Saving Society Australia

The application of confined space standard and regulations to rural industry.pdf (2.68 mb) Jamie Cupplies, Farmsafe Queensland

Improving Farm Safety.pdf (1.29 mb) Bill Mitchell, WorkSafe WA

Safety - the sunny side up.pdf (2.01 mb) Ian Blevin, Guest Speaker

CGU-Farmsafe Partnership Presentation_Oct 09.pdf (1.43 mb)

The Aloca Day 2 (15th October 2009)

Collaborating with Community.pdf (970.45 kb) Tom Busher, Community Relations Manager, Wagerup Refinery

Quad Bike Fatalities - the issues roll on.pdf (3.41 mb) Emily Herde & Lyn Fragar, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health & Safety

Safety Conscious Riders Still Die.pdf (1.82 mb) Jamie Cupples, Farmsafe Queensland

An International Perspective - Injury prevention in Swedish agriculture.pdf (1.13 mb) Peter Lundqvist & Catharina Alwall, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

The notes from the discussion session on Day 2 (It Really IS Time to Act - so let's formulate the actions) will be distributed to conference delegates by the 25th November 2009 for comment.

If you would like any further information regarding the recent conference please contact the Farmsafe WA Alliance office on 08 9359 4118.

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