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July eNews 2012

As part of National Farm Safety Week 2012, Farmsafe WA has produced 3 eNewsletters for the month of July.

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April eNews

'R U 2 CLOSE?' Project

'R U 2 CLOSE?' Road Safety Campaign

Great Southern Regional Police

Great Southern Police, on Friday 29th June 2012 launched a new project in the Great Southern area which is designed to increase road safety and reduce trauma rates on the local road network.

The primary theme of this multi-agency project is to discourage drivers who persist in aggressive tailgating of the vehicle in front, especially behind agricultural and haulage vehicles. In other words Drivers who drive '2 CLOSE'. Partner agencies include Local Government, Farmsafe W/A and Local Roadwise committees.

Driving '2 CLOSE' is a primary factor in many road collisions and is often associated with inappropriate speed for the road and traffic conditions. This becomes particularly problematic as the weather changes from dry to wet roads, or during sustained agricultural activity in our rural communities, such as harvest and seeding periods.

This project is designed to encourage drivers to adhere to appropriate following distances behind preceding vehicles and increase their driving safety margins. Thereby enhancing reaction times for drivers to safely negotiate any hazards on the road network they may encounter.

As part of the project, tens of thousands of rear wind screen 'RU 2 CLOSE?' signs have been distributed to the motoring public throughout many areas of the Great Southern region and larger magnetic signs have been distributed to the Agricultural and Haulage sector for display on the rear of trucks. This is designed to create a high impact awareness of the project on the road network.

Senior Constable Tam McKeown who implemented the project said "Tailgating is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous and foolish examples of bad driving we see every day on our roads and highways. It is also recognised as one of the biggest factors in triggering road rage and intimidating other motorists.

The project is designed to encourage the motoring public to drive at an appropriate speed, where they can always stop their vehicle in the distance they can see to be clear. The high visibility RU 2 CLOSE?' signs are clear and concise, which encourages drivers to take notice and reflect on their manner of driving. We have high hopes that the project will spread to other areas of the State."

Photo 1: Wickepin, Williams and Narrogin police personnel

Photo 2: Senior Constable Tam McKeown of Wickepin Police Station and Farm haulage business owner Tom Williamson

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