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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Farmer Health Video

Farmsafe WA Alliance was recently involved in the production of a Farmer Health Video, where an interview was conducted with Chairman John McDougall to discuss the health of farmers as well as 'The Great Idea bank' and 'Farm Health and Safety Toolkit' resources. This video was produced by Rural Health West, and is worthwhile watching from both a Farmer and Health Professional view.

To view this video, please click on the link below:

Farmer Health Video - Rural Health West

Congratulations to Rural Health West for putting together a great video resource.

Safety Needs Survey 2011 Summary

Farmsafe WA Alliance conducted the Safety Needs Survey from June 2010.

Below is a summary of the survey and collated results.

Safety Needs Survey - Report Summary 2011

Farmsafe WA Alliance would like to thank Curtin University for their assistance with analysing the results of this survey.

Project Reports 2011

Farmsafe WA Alliance recently conducted four projects in the Wheatbelt and Southwest regions, which were funded by the Department of Health, Western Australia.

To view the report for each of these projects, please click on the following links (links removed temporarily, back soon)

farmsafe_pms_logo_version_1 smaller

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