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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Media Release

'What did you say? Preventing Farmer Hearing Loss' - FACES Grant from Australian Communication Exchange

Farmsafe WA Alliance has recently been granted funding to increase the awareness to farmers of noise injury and hearing loss using information kits and resources. The funding was kindly provided by the Australian Communication Exchange (ACE), Friends of Ace Support (FACES) funding program.

Through this program, the importance of preserving farmer's hearing and steps to do so will be provided to farmers through a number of activities such as field days, e-newsletters and agricultural colleges.  For more information, please contact us.

ACE is a national not-for-profit community-based company. ACE's mission is to ensure equity of access to communication channels for people who are Deaf or who have hearing or speech impairments, by providing a relay service through a contract with the Australian Government. For more information, visit their website

Please click here for a pdf version of this media release (19.47 kb)

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