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Tractor and Machinery Safety

General Machinery Information

Tractor related injury, with run-over, rollover and entanglement in tractor power take-off shafts (PTOs) is as a major problem in farming. Design features for tractors, such as neutral start switches and safe operator access have been researched, and to some extent implemented, however injury events continue to occur. Tractor rollover is the major cause of tractor related farm fatality, representing over 50% of tractor related fatalities. Fitting approved roll bars to tractors has significantly reduced these tractor related roll-over farm injuries.

Tractor with Lettuce Planting Machine.jpgTractor operators and bystanders are dying and being severely injured after being entangled in tractor and implement PTO shafts on post hole diggers, slashers, feed mixers and chaffers. Poor tractor maintenance and lack of safe tractor operator training has lead to many tractor accidents.


Machinery_Injuries on Australian Farms - The Facts (pdf 1.54Mb)

Machinery_Guarding Guide (pdf 600kb)

Auger Guarding Guide (pdf 670kb)

Making Farm Machinery Safer RIRDC Publication (pdf 850kb)

Farm Safety Fact Sheet No. 6 - Farm Machinery Guarding (pdf 90kb)

Tractor Information

Tractor Driving and the Lower Back - Information from RIRDC

Farm Safety Fact Sheet No. 1 - Tractor Safety (pdf 170kb)

Tractor Power Take-Offs (PTOs) (pdf 222kb)

Tractor Rollovers (pdf 727kb)

Tractor Safety Checklist (pdf 1.8Mb)

Safe_Jacking_of_Tractors on Farm (pdf 491kb)

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