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An independent not-for-profit, non-government organisation encouraging and leading the way to safer farming

About Us

Who Are We?

Often people confuse Farmsafe WA Alliance for a regulatory body, but this is not the case.

The reality is that Farmsafe WA Alliance is an independent, non-government, not-for-profit organisation - meaning our activities are non-regulatory, non-political and that all our profits go back into the agricultural and rural communites of Western Australia. We exist solely to service these communities, and as a community-based organisation, all our activities are guided by members of the agricultural sector.

Farmsafe WA Alliance is not just a group of people in an office either - we are an Alliance made up of farmers from all regions of Western Australia, safety and health professionals, agricultural organisations and the wider community as a whole.


Farmsafe WA was founded in 1994 with the voluntary work of farmers and enthusiasm of other interested bodies. In 2003, the constitution was reviewed and Farmsafe WA Alliance was formed with all relevant stakeholders in Western Australia to create a peak network to effectively improve the health and safety of the agricultural community.

Our Foundations:

Farmsafe WA Alliance aims to protect farming families and workers - and improve farm business performance - through better safety awareness and practices. Farmsafe WA, is an independent not-for-profit incorporated body. The committee consists of farmers, community members and industry groups. If you are interested in being part of the committee, please contact us!

Our Objectives:

  1. Identify and prioritise safety and health issues
  2. Increase awareness of safety and health issues
  3. Ensure an increase in 'active' support that promotes injury prevention
  4. Promote safety and health solutions and encourage safety management to become integral to farming operations
  5. Promote change that encourages farmers to improve safety and health as part of an increase in farm productitivy

Our Mission:

In partnership with the WA farming community, Farmsafe WA Alliance will identify safety and health issues, provide knowledge and motivation to develop strategies and help find solutions for safer work practices and lifestyles.

Some of our achievements:

  • Initiated and conducted the first Safety Needs Survey in WA targeting the rural sector
  • Over 1500 farmers through the One Day Managing Farm Safety Course
  • Teaching of the Managing Farm Safety Course to students in Agricultural Colleges of WA
  • Annual supporter of the WA Agricultural College Awards
  • Free On Farm Advisory Service coordinator
  • Establishment of the first Safe Play Area demonstration site in Kojonup
  • Safe Play Area informational DVD and resource materials developed
  • Quad Bike Safety resource developed
  • First Aid research project undertaken
  • Successful acquisition of annual funding to deliver numerous injury prevention campaingns throughout WA's various regions

Proud winners of....

DFES Resilient Australia Awards 2013 State Winner for Not-for-Profit Sector

ICCWA Highly Commended Community Safety Award 2013

ICCWA Highly Commended Community Safety Award 2011

WALGA/Roadwise Human Spirit Award 2011

WA Comsumer Protection Kidsafe WA Award 2009

ICCWA Community Injury Preventions Award 2006

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Farmsafe WA Alliance Founded twenty years ago, with the voluntary work of farmers and enthusiasm of other interested bodies.


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